Marine and Environment Faculty

Edgar An, Ph.D.

image of Edgar An
Engineering & Computer Science
Ocean & Mechanical Engineering
Research Expertise: Underwater Robotics, Artificial Intelligence

John Baldwin, Ph.D.

image of John Baldwin
Associate Professor
Research Expertise: Population Genetics / Conservation

William Baxley, M.A., PE

image of William Baxley
Chief Engineer

Pierre-Philippe Beaujean, Ph.D.

image of Pierre-Philippe Beaujean
Engineering & Computer Science
Ocean and Mechanical Engineering
Research Expertise: Signal Processing, Sonar Systems Design, Communication Navigation Systems, Transducer Design

Laurent Cherubin, Ph.D.

image of Laurent Cherubin
ֱ Harbor Branch
Ocean Modeling and Bio-physical processes
Associate Research Professor
Research Expertise: Ocean Modeling & Bio-physical Processes

Oscar Curet, Ph.D.

image of Laurent Cherubin
Assistant Professor
Department of Ocean & Mechanical Engineering
Research Expertise: Fluid Dynamics of Animal Locomotion, Biomimetics and Biological Propulsion, Hydrodynamics of Underwater Vehicles, Energy Harvesting, Direct Simulation of Freely Swimming Fish

Megan Davis, Ph.D.

image of Megan Davis
ֱ Harbor Branch
Administration & Operations
Interim Executive Director
Research Expertise: Development of Aquaculture Species for Food and Stock Enhancement

Manhar Dhanak, Ph.D.

image of Manhar Dhanak
Engineering and Computer Science
Professor & Director
Research Expertise: Hydrodynamics/Autonomous Vehicles

Nurgun Erdol, Ph.D.

image of Nurgun Erdol
Engineering & Computer Science
Department Chair and Professor
Research Expertise: Signal Processing

Esther Guzman, Ph.D.

image of Esther Guzman
ֱ Harbor Branch
Cancer Cell Biology
Associate Research Professor
Research Expertise: Cancer Immunology; research focusing on finding marine natural products that have the potential to be novel therapeutics against cancer

Javad Hashemi, Ph.D.

image of Javad Hashemi
Engineering & Computer Science
Department Chair and Professor
Research Expertise: Materials

Mingshun Jiang, Ph.D.

image of Mingshun Jiang
ֱ Harbor Branch
Ocean Dynamics & Modelling
Associate Research Professor
Research Expertise: Ocean Modeling and Observations

Stephen Kajiura, Ph.D.

image of Stephen Kajiura
Associate Professor
Research Expertise: Sensory Biology of Fishes

Myeongsub (Mike) Kim, Ph.D.

image of Manhar Dhanak
Assistant Professor
Department of Ocean & Mechanical Engineering
Research Expertise: Microfluidic Sensors, Optical Diagnostic Techniques, Energy Systems (oil and gas), Thermal-fluid Sciences

Marguerite Koch-Rose, Ph.D.

image of William Laing
Division of Research
Energy Systems Engineer
Research Expertise: Ocean Energy

Brian LaPointe, Ph.D.

image of Brian LaPointe
ֱ Harbor Branch
Marine Ecosystem Health
Research Professor
Research Expertise: Algal Physiology and Biochemistry, Seagrass and Coral Reef Ecology, Eutrophication, Marine Bioinvasions and Marine Conservation

J. William Louda, Ph.D.

image of J. William Louda
Environmental Biogeochemistry
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Environmental Sciences
Research Professor
Research Expertise: Water Quality (Nutrients), Algal Blooms, Microalgal Community Assessment, Pigment-based Chemotaxonomy of Microalgal Communities

Dan Meeroff, Ph.D.

image of Dan Meeroff
Engineering and Computer Science
Civil, Environmental & Geomatics Engineering
Associate Chair and Professor
Research Expertise: Environmental Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Water Chemistry, Water/Wastewater Treatment Processes, Green Engineering

Aditya Nayak, Ph.D.

image of Dan Meeroff
Assistant Professor Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering
Research Expertise: Ocean Instrumentation, Coastal Processes, Turbulence, Marine Particle Dynamics, Biophysical Interactions

Gregory O’Corry-Crowe, Ph.D.

image of Gregory O’Corry-Crowe
ֱ Harbor Branch
Population Biology & Behavioral Ecology
Associate Research Professor
Research Expertise: Combining Molecular Genetic Analysis with Field Ecology to study the molecular and behavioral ecology of marine apex predators,the effects of ecosystem and climate change on upper trophic levels

Bing Ouyang, Ph.D.

image of Bing Ouyang
ֱ Harbor Branch
Ocean and Engineering Technology
Assistant Research Professor
Research Expertise: Application of Compressive Sensing Theory in Underwater Imaging Applications, computer vision in underwater laser imaging applications, real-time environmental monitoring and events detection, application of electro-optic imaging numerical model and deconvolution technique in image enhancement and pulse resolution improvements

Colin Polsky, Ph.D.

image of Colin Polsky
Center for Environmental Studies
Research Expertise: Environmental Studies

Shirley Pomponi, Ph.D.

image of Shirley Pomponi
ֱ Harbor Branch
Marine Biomedical & Biotechnology Research
Research Professor

Verma Siddartha, Ph.D.

image of Michael Twardowski
Assistant Professor Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering
Research Expertise: Machine Learning in Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence Modelling and Large Eddy Simulation, Fluid Mechanics of Collective Behavior, Numerical Methods and High Performance Computing

Jim Sullivan, Ph.D.

image of Jim Sullivan
ֱ Harbor Branch
Biological Oceanography

Joshua Voss, Ph.D.

image of Joshua Voss
ֱ Harbor Branch
Marine Ecosystem Health
Assistant Research Professor
Research Expertise: Coral Reef Resources, Tracking and Predicting the Impacts of Coral Stressors on Reef Ecosystems

Paul Wills, Ph.D.

image of Paul Wills
ֱ Harbor Branch
Principal Investigator
Research Expertise: Aquaculture of Finfish for Food and Stock Enhancement and Development of New Fish Species for Aquaculture

Amy Wright, Ph.D.

image of Amy Wright
Fau Harbor Branch
Natural Products Chemistry
Research Professor
Research Expertise: Marine Natural Products with Potential Use as Human Therapeutic Agents, primarily discovery of compounds with anticancer properties and agents useful against neurodegenerative disease, malaria and tuberculosis

Zhixiao Xie, Ph.D.

image of Zhixiao Xie
Chair, Department of Geosciences and Professor
Research Expertise: GIS/Remote Sensing