Empowering the next generation of ֱ Startups and fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem

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ֱ TRIN is a professionally led network dedicated to improving the investment experience for both entrepreneurs and investors who share a mutual affinity through their affiliation with ֱ.
ֱ TRIN will grow to encompass a large, national network of ֱ alumni, faculty, parents, and friends-of-the-university, all sharing their experience and knowledge across multiple industries, technologies, business/revenue models and stages during the investment process. ֱ TRIN is above all investment return-driven.
Our goal is to accelerate access to capital and financially back the most promising entrepreneurial managers sourced from ֱ’s broad ecosystem. The experience, quality, and completeness of management teams is often the best predictor of ultimate success of companies and the angel investors who back them.
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ֱ TRIN provides members with a professionally managed investment environment and collaboration opportunities with other alumni, parents, and friends of the university who are interested in early-stage investing. Learn about the benefits and what is required to become a member.

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Are you an ֱ-affiliated company interested in collaborating with the ֱ affiliated investors? ֱ TRIN provides its companies with the leveraged power and support of ֱ’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and alumni network. Learn more about the requirements to receive an investment from ֱ TRIN.

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We are eager to meet entrepreneurs who are seeking capital and connections to achieve greatness.
Look at our portfolio companies who are transforming ideas into reality.

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How to apply?

ֱ TRIN establishes the connections you are looking for to either secure funding or finding the innovative companies to fund that are helping shape the world of tomorrow. Get in touch today!

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