Faculty and Administrators

Undergraduate research and inquiry projects are only successful because of the commitment of faculty, who invest their time and talent into mentoring students. Research mentors are dedicated faculty or post-docs who provide undergraduate students an opportunity to engage in research either within the curriculum or through co-curricular mentorship. Engagement of students in research provides valuable opportunities to grow and learn as scholars, and leads to positive outcomes such as academic retention, graduation, and graduate school pathways. There are a variety of ways in which faculty can engage with OURI, as outlined below.

In addition, OURI has developed a flight plan that outlines the time commitment necessary for different levels of involvement. Please see below.

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Faculty Flight Plan for Involvement In Undergraduate Research Activities

One-time activities

  • Attend faculty PD workshop
  • Submit your course for Research Intensive designation
  • Request a classroom presentation by OURI
  • Serve on RI assessment team


CSI - Council for Scholarship and Inquiry
DIR - Direct Independent Research
ֱRJ - ֱ Undergraduate Research Journal
RI - Research Intensive Designation
SURF - Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
UROY - Undergraduate Researcher of the Year


  • Mentor undergrad for symposium presentation
  • Connect with your faculty liaison and peer mentor
  • Review undergrad research grant
  • Judge at symposium
  • Review ֱRJ article
  • Submit undergrad research grant with a student
  • Recommend students to investigate the Undergraduate Research Certificate


  • Co-curricular mentoring of undergrad student
  • Mentor honors program student
  • Participate in CSI event
  • UROY nomination
  • Publish with undergrad in ֱRJ
  • Mentor undergrad for external conference presentation
  • Help undergrad apply for travel grant to present at conference


  • Teach a Research Intensive Course/DIR
  • Distinguished Mentor of the Year
  • Serve as the OURI Liaison
  • Goldwater nomination
  • Publish with undergrad in external journal
  • Mentor a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow SURF
  • Mentor undergraduate student through external fellowship application
* Low, medium, high refers to faculty time commitment
Rev. 7/2022