Recycling Program

Recycling Public Service Announcement

ֱ 2011


The Buildings and Grounds Department maintains active recycling programs for the Boca Raton and Jupiter campuses. In each location, recyclable materials are collected in three separate areas of paper, cardboard and commingled (glass, plastic and metals) from around the campus by the custodial staff, which are then delivered to general collection points for hauling by Waste Management and SP Recycling (for paper and cardboard only in Jupiter). The following are brief outlines of these operations:

Boca Raton Campus

ֱ and contracted custodial staff empty designated recycle containers located in each office and classroom nightly and place these materials in large "toters", 96 gallon receptacles. It is very important that the staff keep all three of the recyclable types separate during this collection process. A dedicated truck then collects the toters from around the campus during the day and delivers them to the three recycling dumpsters, located in the rear of the Campus Operations Building, where the toters are emptied into the appropriate (paper, cardboard or commingled) dumpsters. Waste Management empties the dumpsters weekly.

McArthur Jupiter Campus

The collection process is similar to that of the Boca Raton campus. A main difference from the operation in Boca Raton is in the disposal process, where Waste Management collects the commingled material but SP Recycling collects both the paper and cardboard (this latter collection is under the auspices of the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Division.)

Recycling in Academic and Administrative Buildings

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